Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker is a favorite among those who like to play at land based casinos. The online version of the game is typically exactly like land based counterparts, and generally winning hands pay out the same.

Video Poker is one game where a skilled player, using "perfect strategy" can gain an edge on the house. Much like Blackjack, where one can hit or stand on a given hand, Video Poker allows the player the chance to discard undesirable cards for new ones.

It is also important to understand what type of video poker you are playing. The old standard is "Jacks or Better", where the player must hold a pair of jacks or stronger in his or her hand in order to qualify for a payout. Other game variants include "Stud" and "Deuces Wild" where any 2 card automatically becomes the same as the highest card or value necessary to pair or complete a given payout hand. For example, if you hold 2 queens and a 2 of spades, your hand automatically becomes 3 queens. The one house advantage with Dueces wild is that the player must hold a higher hand, generally 3 of a kind, in order to qualify for a payout.

It's best to bet the minimum amount possible when learning to play online video poker. After you are familiar with particular game, begin to increase your bets in order to get higher payouts. It's also best to stay away from "fad" or specialty versions of this game, which on the surface may appear to be more lucky than standard versions. The truth is, the house would rather you play the specialty version, since most of these games are invented by a particular casino and have odds that are considerably stacked against the player compared to standard video poker.

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