With the future of online sports betting in doubt, many wonder of Online Poker will suffer from the fallout of the USA gambling ban. Though many believe the most recent legislation and crackdown is directed at sportsbooks, it stands to reason that these new laws could be applied to online casinos and online poker rooms.

Don't worry, however, you'll still be able to play online poker and blackjack. The fact is, many lawmakers themselves relax on the weekend playing online poker. Also, Poker is sweeping the nation as one of America's most favorite games, as seen on ESPN's World Series of Poker broadcast, Sony's Celebrity Poker showdown, and other series. Many of these shows have pro players that advertise online poker rooms, due to lucrative deals made with offshore gaming websites.

The same goes for online casinos, though it may not be as obvious. Since nearly every poker room offers casino games, it stands to reason that if online poker and casino games are offered on the same site, it must be OK to enjoy these alternatives.

So, while sportsbooks are shuddering with fear, feel safe playing at your favorite poker room or online casino. When combined, the online poker and online casino player base dwarfs the online sports betting crowd. That said, money talks. As long as a few legislators keep open minds and accept donations from friendly gaming sites, it is quite possible that online poker and casino outfits will never be prosecuted.

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