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2019 Grade 3 Horse Racing

Other Grades
Race Date Track Div Age Sex Distance Surface Grade
Joe Hernandez StakesJan 1, 2019Santa Anita3UP T SPR3U6.5T3
Sham StakesJan 5, 2019Santa Anita3YO R D38D3
Marshuas River StakesJan 12, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP F/M RT3Uf8.5T3
Tropical Turf StakesJan 12, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP R T3U8T3
La Canada StakesJan 12, 2019Santa Anita3UP F/M RD3Uf8.5D3
Toboggan StakesJan 19, 2019Aqueduct3UP SPR3U7D3
Lecomte StakesJan 19, 2019Fair Grounds3YO R D38.3D3
Astra StakesJan 20, 2019Santa Anita3UP F/M RT3Uf12T3
Megahertz StakesJan 21, 2019Santa Anita3UP F/M RT3Uf8T3
La Prevoyante HandicapJan 26, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP F/M RT3Uf12T3
Hurricane Bertie StakesJan 26, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP F/M SPR3Uf7D3
Fred W Hooper StakesJan 26, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP R D3U8D3
W L Mcknight HandicapJan 26, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP R T3U12T3
Houston Ladies Classic StakesJan 27, 2019Sam Houston3UP F/M RD3Uf8.5D3
John B Connally Turf Cup StakesJan 27, 2019Sam Houston3UP R T3U12T3
Withers StakesFeb 1, 2019Aqueduct3YO R D39D3
Sweetest Chant StakesFeb 2, 2019Gulfstream Park3YO F R T3f8T3
Forward Gal StakesFeb 2, 2019Gulfstream Park3YO F SPR3f7D3
Swale StakesFeb 2, 2019Gulfstream Park3YO SPR37D3
Robert B Lewis StakesFeb 2, 2019Santa Anita3YO R D38.5D3
Suwannee River StakesFeb 9, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP F/M RT3Uf9T3
Thunder Road StakesFeb 9, 2019Santa Anita3UP R T3U8T3
Lambholm South Endeavour StakesFeb 9, 2019Tampa Bay Downs3UP F/M RT3Uf8.5T3
Tampa Bay StakesFeb 9, 2019Tampa Bay Downs3UP R T3U8.5T3
Sam F Davis StakesFeb 9, 2019Tampa Bay Downs3YO R D38.5D3
Sweet Life StakesFeb 10, 2019Santa Anita3YO F SPR3f6.5T3
Mineshaft HandicapFeb 16, 2019Fair Grounds3UP R D3U8.5D3
Fair Grounds HandicapFeb 16, 2019Fair Grounds3UP R T3U9T3
Royal Delta StakesFeb 16, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP F/M RD3Uf8D3
Barbara Fritchie StakesFeb 16, 2019Laurel Park3UP F/M SPR3Uf7D3
General George StakesFeb 16, 2019Laurel Park3UP SPR3U7D3
Bayakoa StakesFeb 18, 2019Oaklawn Park3UP F/M RD3Uf8.5D3
Razorback HandicapFeb 18, 2019Oaklawn Park3UP R D3U8.5D3
Southwest StakesFeb 18, 2019Oaklawn Park3YO R D38.5D3
Hals Hope StakesFeb 23, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP R D3U8D3
Honey Fox StakesMar 2, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP F/M RT3Uf8T3
The Very One StakesMar 2, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP F/M RT3Uf9.5T3
Canadian Turf StakesMar 2, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP R T3U8T3
Gulfstream Park Sprint StakesMar 2, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP SPR3U6D3
Herecomesthebride StakesMar 2, 2019Gulfstream Park3YO F R T3f8.5T3
Palm Beach StakesMar 2, 2019Gulfstream Park3YO R T38.5T3
Tom Fool HandicapMar 9, 2019Aqueduct3UP SPR3U6D3
Gotham StakesMar 9, 2019Aqueduct3YO R D38D3
Honeybee StakesMar 9, 2019Oaklawn Park3YO F R D3f8.5D3
Florida OaksMar 9, 2019Tampa Bay Downs3YO F R T3f8.5T3
Jeff Ruby SteaksMar 9, 2019Turfway Park3YO R D39AWT3
Santa Ysabel StakesMar 10, 2019Santa Anita3YO F R D3f8.5D3
San Simeon StakesMar 16, 2019Santa Anita3UP T SPR3U6.5T3
Hutcheson StakesMar 23, 2019Gulfstream Park3YO SPR37D3
Sunland DerbyMar 24, 2019Sunland Park3YO R D39D3
Orchid StakesMar 29, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP F/M RT3Uf11T3
Appleton StakesMar 29, 2019Gulfstream Park3UP R T3U8T3
Santa Ana StakesMar 30, 2019Santa Anita3UP F/M RT3Uf9T3
Distaff HandicapApr 5, 2019Aqueduct3UP F/M SPR3Uf7D3
Kentucky Utilities Transylvania StakesApr 5, 2019Keeneland3YO R T38.5T3
Excelsior StakesApr 6, 2019Aqueduct3UP R D3U9D3
Bay Shore StakesApr 6, 2019Aqueduct3YO SPR37D3
Providencia StakesApr 6, 2019Santa Anita3YO F R T3f9T3
Commonwealth StakesApr 6, 2019Keeneland3UP SPR3U7D3
Las Flores StakesApr 7, 2019Santa Anita3UP F/M SPR3Uf6D3
Beaumont StakesApr 7, 2019Keeneland3YO F SPR3f7D3
Fantasy StakesApr 12, 2019Oaklawn Park3YO F R D3f8.5D3
Count Fleet Sprint HandicapApr 13, 2019Oaklawn Park3UP SPR3U6D3
Ben Ali StakesApr 13, 2019Keeneland3UP R D3U9D3
Stonestreet Lexington StakesApr 13, 2019Keeneland3YO R D38.5D3
Hilliard Lyons Doubledogdare StakesApr 19, 2019Keeneland3UP F/M RD3Uf8.5D3
Bewitch StakesApr 26, 2019Keeneland3UP F/M RT3Uf12T3
San Francisco Mile StakesApr 27, 2019Golden Gate Fields3UP R T3U8T3
Allaire Dupont Distaff StakesMay 17, 2019Pimlico3UP F/M RD3Uf9D3
Pimlico Special StakesMay 17, 2019Pimlico3UP R D3U9D3
Adena Springs Miss Preakness StakesMay 17, 2019Pimlico3YO F SPR3f6D3
Gallorette StakesMay 18, 2019Pimlico3UP F/M RT3Uf8.5T3
Maryland Sprint StakesMay 18, 2019Pimlico3UP SPR3U6D3
Chick Lang StakesMay 18, 2019Pimlico3YO SPR36D3
All American StakesMay 27, 2019Golden Gate Fields3UP R D3U8AWT3
Arlington Matron StakesTBA-2019Arlington Park3UP F/M RD3Uf9AWT3
Modesty HandicapTBA-2019Arlington Park3UP F/M RT3Uf9.5T3
Chicago HandicapTBA-2019Arlington Park3UP F/M SPR3Uf7AWT3
Hanshin Cup StakesTBA-2019Arlington Park3UP R D3U8AWT3
American St Leger StakesTBA-2019Arlington Park3UP R T3U13.T3
Arlington HandicapTBA-2019Arlington Park3UP R T3U9.5T3
Stars And Stripes StakesTBA-2019Arlington Park3UP R T3U12T3
Pucker Up StakesTBA-2019Arlington Park3YO F R T3f9T3
American DerbyTBA-2019Arlington Park3YO R T39T3
Nashua StakesTBA-2019Aqueduct2YO28D3
Go For Wand HandicapTBA-2019Aqueduct3UP F/M RD3UfD3
Turnback The Alarm HandicapTBA-2019Aqueduct3UP F/M RD3Uf8D3
Long Island HandicapTBA-2019Aqueduct3UP F/M RT3Uf12T3
Red Smith HandicapTBA-2019Aqueduct3UP R T3U11T3
Fall Highweight HandicapTBA-2019Aqueduct3UP SPR3U6D3
Bold Ruler HandicapTBA-2019Aqueduct3UP SPR3U7D3
Comely StakesTBA-2019Aqueduct3YO F R D3f9D3
Discovery StakesTBA-2019Aqueduct3YO R D39D3
Pilgrim StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park2YO28.5T3
Futurity StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park2YO26T3
Matron StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park2YO F2f6T3
Athenia StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3UP F/M RT3Uf8.5T3
Beaugay StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3UP F/M RT3Uf8.5T3
Noble Damsel StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3UP F/M RT3Uf8T3
Bed O Roses Invitational StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3UP F/M SPR3Uf7D3
Vagrancy HandicapTBA-2019Belmont Park3UP F/M SPR3Uf6.5D3
Westchester StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3UP R D3U8D3
Fort Marcy StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3UP R T3U9T3
Poker StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3UP R T3U8T3
Forbidden Apple StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3UP R T3U8T3
Intercontinental StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3UP T SPR3Uf7T3
Wonder Again StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3YO F R T3f9T3
Victory Ride StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3YO F SPR3f6.5D3
Soaring Softly StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3YO F SPR3f7T3
Dwyer StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3YO R D38D3
Peter Pan StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3YO R D39D3
Pennine Ridge StakesTBA-2019Belmont Park3YO R T39T3
Iroquois StakesTBA-2019Churchill Downs2YO28.5D3
Bashford Manor StakesTBA-2019Churchill Downs2YO26D3
Chilukki StakesTBA-2019Churchill Downs3UP F/M RD3Uf8D3
Locust Grove StakesTBA-2019Churchill Downs3UP F/M RD3Uf8.5D3
Cardinal HandicapTBA-2019Churchill Downs3UP F/M RT3Uf9T3
Old Forester Mint Julep HandicapTBA-2019Churchill Downs3UP F/M RT3Uf8.5T3
Winning Colors StakesTBA-2019Churchill Downs3UP F/M SPR3Uf6D3
Lukas Classic StakesTBA-2019Churchill Downs3UP R D3U9D3
Ack Ack StakesTBA-2019Churchill Downs3UP R D3U8D3
River City HandicapTBA-2019Churchill Downs3UP R T3U9T3
Louisville HandicapTBA-2019Churchill Downs3UP R T3U12T3
Edgewood StakesTBA-2019Churchill Downs3YO F R T3f8.5T3
Regret StakesTBA-2019Churchill Downs3YO F R T3f9T3
Pat Day Mile StakesTBA-2019Churchill Downs3YO R D38D3
Matt Winn StakesTBA-2019Churchill Downs3YO R D38.5D3
Commonwealth Turf StakesTBA-2019Churchill Downs3YO R T38.5T3
Charles Town OaksTBA-2019Charles Town3YO F SPR3f7D3
Robert G Dick Memorial StakesTBA-2019Delaware Park3UP F/M RT3Uf11T3
Delaware OaksTBA-2019Delaware Park3YO F R D3f8.5D3
Kent StakesTBA-2019Delaware Park3YO R T39T3
Cecil B Demille StakesTBA-2019Del Mar2YO28T3
Bob Hope StakesTBA-2019Del Mar2YO27D3
Jimmy Durante StakesTBA-2019Del Mar2YO F2f8T3
Red Carpet HandicapTBA-2019Del Mar3UP F/M RT3Uf11T3
Rancho Bernardo HandicapTBA-2019Del Mar3UP F/M SPR3Uf6.5D3
Native Diver StakesTBA-2019Del Mar3UP R D3U9D3
Cougar Ii HandicapTBA-2019Del Mar3UP R D3U12D3
Green Flash HandicapTBA-2019Del Mar3UP T SPR3U5T3
Torrey Pines StakesTBA-2019Del Mar3YO F R D3f8D3
La Jolla HandicapTBA-2019Del Mar3YO R T38.5T3
Longacres Mile HandicapTBA-2019Emerland Downs3UP R D3U8D3
Berkeley HandicapTBA-2019Golden Gate Fields3UP R D3U8.5AWT3
Rampart StakesTBA-2019Gulfstream Park3UP F/M RD3Uf8D3
Sugar Swirl StakesTBA-2019Gulfstream Park3UP F/M SPR3Uf6D3
Harlans Holiday StakesTBA-2019Gulfstream Park3UP R D3U8.5D3
Smile Sprint StakesTBA-2019Gulfstream Park3UP SPR3U6D3
Mr Prospector StakesTBA-2019Gulfstream Park3UP SPR3U6D3
Indiana OaksTBA-2019Indiana Downs3YO F R D3f8.5D3
Indiana DerbyTBA-2019Indiana Downs3YO R D38.5D3
Kentucky Downs Ladies Turf StakesTBA-2019Kentucky Downs3UP F/M RT3Uf8T3
Calumet Farm Kentucky Turf Cup StakesTBA-2019Kentucky Downs3UP R T3U12T3
Kentucky Downs Turf Sprint StakesTBA-2019Kentucky Downs3UP T SPR3U6.5T3
Kentucky Downs Ladies Sprint StakesTBA-2019Kentucky Downs3UP T SPR3Uf6.5T3
Franklin-Simpson StakesTBA-2019Kentucky Downs3YO SPR36.5T3
Dixiana Bourbon StakesTBA-2019Keeneland2YO28.5T3
Rood And Riddle Dowager StakesTBA-2019Keeneland3UP F/M RT3Uf12T3
Sycamore StakesTBA-2019Keeneland3UP R T3U12T3
Buffalo Trace Franklin County StakesTBA-2019Keeneland3UP T SPR3Uf5.5T3
Pin Oak Valley View StakesTBA-2019Keeneland3YO F R T3f8.5T3
Super DerbyTBA-2019Louisiana Downs3YO R D39D3
Bayakoa StakesTBA-2019Los Alamitos Race Co3UP F/M RD3Uf8.5D3
Los Alamitos DerbyTBA-2019Los Alamitos Race Co3YO R D39D3
Baltimorewashington International Turf Cup StakesTBA-2019Laurel Park3UP R T3U8T3
Frank J De Francis Memorial Dash StakesTBA-2019Laurel Park3UP SPR3U6D3
Commonwealth DerbyTBA-2019Laurel Park3YO R T39T3
Steve Sexton Mile StakesTBA-2019Lone Star Park3UP R D3U8D3
West Virginia Governors StakesTBA-2019Mountaineer Park3UP R D3U8.5D3
West Virginia DerbyTBA-2019Mountaineer Park3YO R D39D3
Molly Pitcher StakesTBA-2019Monmouth Park3UP F/M RD3Uf8.5D3
Winstar Matchmaker StakesTBA-2019Monmouth Park3UP F/M RT3Uf9T3
Eatontown StakesTBA-2019Monmouth Park3UP F/M RT3Uf8.5T3
Monmouth Cup StakesTBA-2019Monmouth Park3UP R D3U9D3
Salvator Mile StakesTBA-2019Monmouth Park3UP R D3U8D3
Philip Handicap Iselin StakesTBA-2019Monmouth Park3UP R D3U8.5D3
Oceanport StakesTBA-2019Monmouth Park3UP R T3U8.5T3
Red Bank StakesTBA-2019Monmouth Park3UP R T3U8T3
Monmouth OaksTBA-2019Monmouth Park3YO F R D3f8.5D3
Prairie Meadows Cornhusker HandicapTBA-2019Prairie Meadows3UP R D3U9D3
Iowa OaksTBA-2019Prairie Meadows3YO F R D3f8.5D3
Dr James Penny Memorial StakesTBA-2019Parx Racing3UP F/M RT3Uf8.5T3
Greenwood Cup StakesTBA-2019Parx Racing3UP R D3U12D3
Parx Dash StakesTBA-2019Parx Racing3UP T SPR3U5T3
Turf Monster StakesTBA-2019Parx Racing3UP T SPR3U5T3
Smarty Jones StakesTBA-2019Parx Racing3YO R D38.5D3
Remington Park OaksTBA-2019Remington Park3YO F R D3f8.5D3
Oklahoma DerbyTBA-2019Remington Park3YO R D39D3
Adoration StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3UP F/M RD3Uf8.5D3
Robert J Frankel StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3UP F/M RT3Uf9T3
Santa Barbara StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3UP F/M RT3Uf12T3
Wilshire StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3UP F/M RT3Uf8T3
Desert Stormer StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3UP F/M SPR3Uf6D3
La Woman StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3UP F/M SPR3Uf6.5D3
Tokyo City Cup StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3UP R D3U12D3
American StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3UP R T3U8T3
San Juan Capistrano StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3UP R T3U14T3
Midnight Lute StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3UP SPR3U6.5D3
Daytona StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3UP T SPR3U6.5T3
Senator Ken Maddy StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3UP T SPR3Uf6.5T3
Honeymoon StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3YO F R T3f9T3
Autumn Miss StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3YO F R T3f8T3
Senorita StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3YO F R T3f8T3
Affirmed StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3YO R D38.5D3
Lazaro Barrera StakesTBA-2019Santa Anita3YO SPR37D3
Sanford StakesTBA-2019Saratoga2YO26D3
With Anticipation StakesTBA-2019Saratoga2YO28.5T3
Schuylerville StakesTBA-2019Saratoga2YO F2f6D3
Shuvee StakesTBA-2019Saratoga3UP F/M RD3Uf9D3
Fasig-Tipton Waya StakesTBA-2019Saratoga3UP F/M RT3Uf12T3
Troy HandicapTBA-2019Saratoga3UP T SPR3U5.5T3
Lake George StakesTBA-2019Saratoga3YO F R T3f8.5T3
Saranac StakesTBA-2019Saratoga3YO R T39T3
Quick Call StakesTBA-2019Saratoga3YO SPR35.5T3
Ohio DerbyTBA-2019Thistledown3YO R D39D3