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The excitement of the Indiana Derby horse racing event is with reach. You don't have to be at the track in person to bet on the Indiana Derby race: just browse our highly recommended racebooks listed below. Each racebook offers odds on the Indiana Derby, and you can bet right up until posttime (as if you were at the track!). Plus, some of our feature racebooks offer a horse betting rebate program, in some cases as high as 8% back. The Indiana Derby is just about ready to go, will you be stuck behind your TV without a betting ticket - or - will you finish the day a winner with one of our racebooks? Hurry: Indiana Derby starts in minutes - BET NOW!

Time for Indiana Derby Horse Betting

Event: Indiana Derby
2016 Indiana Derby Event Date: 18/Jul/2016
Race Track Location: Delaware Park
Race Surface: Main
Eligible Horses: 3YO R D
Grade: 2

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Indiana Derby In-depth Race Coverage, Last Minute News, and Tips

Indiana Derby Online Site: www.delawarepark.com
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Horse Racing Betting Tips for the Indiana Derby

  • Races with 6 or less horses are relatively easy to win when doing simple Win, Place, or Show horse bets. Likewise, money can be made betting Trifectas, Quinallas, Exactas, and Superfectas because of the small amout of race entrants.
  • Note the public favorite, or "oddson" horse running the race. You don't always want to go with the public favorite: in some cases, the real race winner will be a horse facing middle to long odds.
  • Take advantage of wheels and boxs to make winning easier. Note, however, that this luxury costs additional money at the racebook, although your odds of winning improve greatly.
  • Indiana Derby happens just once this year, so don't be left behind when the gates open. If you're visiting this page a day or two before the race, it's best to signup and deposit with one of our feature racebooks now, THEN make your bets as posttime draws near. Avoid the last minute crowd rushing in who inevitably risk getting their credit card deposit rejected. Then, what could be done betting the Indiana Derby?